Buffalo farmer in Phetchabun wins 6 million baht lottery

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A buffalo farmer in Phetchabun scooped first prize in Thailand’s latest lottery draw, receiving a whopping 6 million baht. The Thai farmer attributed his luck to confiding in his buffalo named Jao Thapthim after a storm damaged his pen.

Samrerng, a resident of Village No. 1 in Thaidong Subdistrict, Wang Pong District, Phetchabun Province, became the lucky winner of the first prize in the lottery draw held yesterday. His win came after seeking fortune from his buffalo named Jao Thapthim. On May 13, a seasonal storm destroyed his buffalo pen, leaving him in distress.

Samrerng recounted that he was at a loss after the storm damaged the pen. Desperate, he walked up to his beloved buffalo, Jao Thapthim, to share his troubles.

The 48 year old Thai man and his wife hold the buffalo dear, and he promised to build a new pen and invited friends and acquaintances to help with the construction. He also wished for luck to win the lottery, believing Jao Thapthim understood his plight.

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Afterwards, Samrerng went to the market to purchase lottery tickets, selecting the numbers he preferred. When the lottery results were announced he discovered he had won the first prize. He believed his win was a result of the fortune brought by his buffalo.

Jao Thapthim was initially seen for sale on Facebook by its previous owner in the northeastern region. Samrerng and his wife were drawn to the buffalo and decided to buy it.

Buffalo connection

Upon arrival, his wife was immediately fond of Jao Thapthim, prompting them to bring it back home. Subsequently, the buffalo became pregnant and gave birth to a female calf. Buffalo farmers traditionally believe that if the first calf is female, it brings good luck.

Samrerng further explained that his wife felt an instant connection with Jao Thapthim when she saw it on the page. The couple closed their shop and travelled to Udon Thani Province to purchase the buffalo. Interestingly, several others had offered higher prices for Jao Thapthim but the buffalo refused to go with anyone else. Hence, they brought it home, and it continued to grow healthily.

Samrerng plans to use the 6 million baht prize to improve the buffalo pen, making it more attractive for visitors. He does not intend to buy new buffaloes but will continue to care for the ones he already owns, reported Sanook.

Known for his charitable nature, the Thai farmer expressed a desire to help friends and save a portion of the winnings for his later years.

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