Phantom frenzy: Lopburi locals hunt for notorious ghost causing sleepless nights (video)

Photo: KhaoSod.

Residents of Lopburi are on a hunt for a notorious ghost, causing sleepless nights due to its eerie presence in central Thailand. A 70 year old pig farmer, Wichien, today revealed he encountered this ghost twice.

The hunt has sparked excitement and fear among residents who have taken to TikTok to document their thrilling ghost hunts.

Wichien’s first encounter with the ghost occurred between 1am and 2am on October 13, when he heard his dogs barking, pigs squealing, and chickens clucking wildly.

Initially, thinking it was a large python, Wichien was shocked to find himself face-to-face with the infamous ghost, less than a metre away.

The ghost was baring its teeth and looking dazed, prompting Wichien to use his long-handled knife to fend off the creature, which then fled the scene.



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This situation has turned into a trending topic as reported in the media.

One TikTok user has even filmed himself hunting for the ghost.

“I’m in Lopburi, and the locals say they’ve seen the Lopburi ghost. We’ll hunt it until we find it. The locals can’t sleep, they’re so scared because it’s very creepy.

This ghost is transgender. We’ll hunt it today. All the locals are outside their homes. They already know whose house the transgender ghost is in.” The video clip is credited to user @aoppaopp125, reported KhaoSod.

These ghost-hunting activities by the locals have sparked a mix of fear and excitement, as they attempt to confront the unsettling presence of the Lopburi ghost.

As the hunt continues, the residents remain vigilant, ready to protect their homes and livestock from the unsettling presence of this infamous ghost.

Following the enigmatic demise of a former DJ discovered at a rental property in Rayong province, a ghost hunter has taken up the investigation.

Dr Jiranphan Phetkhaw, a renowned psychic, has taken an interest in the case. Meanwhile, locals report sightings of the DJ’s apparition, as authorities continue their inquiries into the cause of death. Read more HERE.

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