Phuket’s tuk tuk turmoil: Driver busted with ‘Yaba’ stash and axe arsenal

Picture courtesy of Patong Police.

A tuk tuk driver from Patong was apprehended by police and charged with possession of 43 methamphetamine pills, known locally as Yaba, and several weapons, including an axe.

The 30 year old driver, was arrested on Monday night, October 16, at a checkpoint in front of Patong Hospital. The incident was reported by the Patong Police late the following day.

The police report did not provide information about the exact location at the intersection where the arrest took place. For reference, the Patong Police Station is located at the same intersection, diagonally opposite Patong Hospital.

The arrest of Adisak, also known by his nickname Phase, was part of the second mass search operation of tuk-tuks and other public transport vehicles, according to the Patong Police report. Police Lieutenant Wanit Anantaphong of the Patong Police Traffic Police led the search operation.

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Adisak’s tuk tuk, identified by its registration number ฟข-401 (ForKor-401) Phuket, was also mentioned in the report. However, the series of photos accompanying the report, showing Patong Traffic Police carrying out multiple inspections, failed to pinpoint which image depicted Adisak during the search or his subsequent arrest, reported The Phuket News.

The police report verified the discovery of 43 Yaba pills, a Category 1 narcotic, along with three iron bars and an axe, in Adisak’s possession. Following the arrest, Adisak was handed over to the investigating officers for prosecution in accordance with the law.

Details about the arrest were sparse. The report did not confirm the formal charges presented to Adisak, nor did it state whether he would be tested for drug use.

Additionally, there was no mention of whether the Patong Police would notify the Phuket Land Transport Office (PLTO), the regulatory body for all public transport vehicles and licences in Phuket, about Adisak’s arrest.

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