Tourists in Chiang Rai raft scare as locals reel in king cobra

A large king cobra caused panic on a raft in Chiang Rai as visitors scrambled to safety before locals managed to capture the slithery reptile. The incident, shared on social media by a user named Phatcharaphon Prombon, became a topic of widespread commentary online.

Today, April 29, the poster owner, King, revealed the details of their encounter with the large snake during a rafting trip at the Mae Suai Dam in Chiang Rai. While enjoying the water with friends, they were startled by shouts warning of a snake drifting towards them.

Initially, they did not see the snake but heard the commotion from the opposite bank as the strong current carried the cobra their way. In a state of shock, King quickly alerted her boyfriend and friends to get out of the water as the snake floated past them and became trapped under a nearby raft.

Another group of tourists sprang into action to capture the snake, which took some time due to its position under the raft.

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The capture was a nerve-wracking experience, especially upon realizing it was a king cobra, which heightened their fears. After the snake was secured, the group hastily gathered their belongings to leave, shaken by the event.

Their trip had been planned, and they certainly did not expect to encounter a king cobra, making this a memorable outing with friends that added an unexpected twist to their experience.

The event has sparked discussions on social media, with netizens commenting on the harrowing video. The encounter is a stark reminder of the unpredictability of nature and the need for caution when enjoying outdoor activities in regions known for their wildlife, reported Khaosod.

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