Thai lottery draw nears: Seekers turn to monks, plates, and tears

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A diversity of auspicious numbers has emerged as the May 2 Thai lottery draw approaches. Enthusiasts and fortune seekers are eager to discover which numbers will bring luck, with suggestions pouring in from various sources, including revered monks, car number plates, and even the shapes formed by candle tears in holy water.

In one instance, the candle wax tears that dripped into a container of holy water were interpreted differently by individuals, with some discerning the numbers 20, 18, and 79 as potential winners. These interpretations are often sought after for their perceived mystical significance, offering guidance to those looking to try their luck in the upcoming lottery draw.

In another intriguing observation, a TikTok user, known by the username nid8857, posted a clip sharing insights on selecting winning numbers from Chinese calendars. Four distinctive sets of numbers caught the attention of lottery enthusiasts: 912, 03421, 475, and 427. These numbers, derived from traditional Chinese almanacks, are believed by some to hold the key to lottery success.

A sighting of a notable number plate occurred when Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin arrived at the Rosewood Hotel on Sukhumvit Road in his official Lexus car, bearing the plate number SR 30, at precisely 11.55am. Accompanying him was Prommin Lertsuridej, the Prime Minister’s Secretary-General, in his official Mercedes with the registration number 4 KH 7042. These number plates, too, were scrutinised by lottery followers, hoping they might indicate lucky numbers.

In a similar vein, a red-plated luxury car gifted by Mae Num Nueang to Nun Damdong caught the attention of lottery aficionados. The car’s license plate, 6503, is set to be used by many as they place their bets for the upcoming lottery draw.

Highlighting the deep cultural connection to numerology, Sudawan conducted a ceremony to honour her ancestors, where the candle wax dripped into holy water was seen as forming the numbers 60, 06, 90, 09, and 04, 40. It is not uncommon for such ceremonies to provide a source of inspiration for numbers to be played in the lottery.

License plate

In a more dramatic turn of events, a car accident involving Luang Pi Nam Fon, who is 52 years old, resulted in the car flipping over but, fortunately, leaving her unharmed. The license plate of the car, 5656, has since become a focal point for lottery enthusiasts. Notably, Luang Pi Nam Fon experienced a similar accident at the age of 25, further adding to the allure of these numbers.

Another lottery aficionado, Phee Jong-Kalan, whose previous recommendations yielded a direct hit of three numbers, has shared the license plate number 3869 as a potential lucky number for the upcoming draw.

Not to be overlooked, a nearly 4-metre-long python found in a blocked drainage pipe in Ayutthaya has provided yet another set of numbers for those seeking fortune. The serpent was discovered at house number 150/7 in the eighth village.

Mon Sitthi Khamsroy, a renowned country singer, has already secured his online lottery tickets and proudly shared his selected numbers with fans: 952, 529, 959, 599, 569, and 955, reported Sanook.

As the draw date nears, many will be checking past lottery results for May and eagerly awaiting the outcome of the May 2 lottery, hoping that their chosen numbers will bring prosperity and good fortune.

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