Heavy drought leaves Lamphun houseboats stranded

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Heavy drought has struck the famous freshwater Kaeng Kor Lake in Lamphun, causing a significant drop in water levels and leaving houseboats stranded on land. Tourism services have been temporarily halted until conditions improve.

Operators of houseboat services at Kaeng Kor Lake, located in Mae Ping National Park, Li District, Lamphun province, announced the suspension of their boating and restaurant services due to the severe drought. They assured that operations would resume promptly once the situation got better.

Kaeng Kor Lake, a popular tourist destination, mirrors the predicament of Doi Tao Lake, situated above Bhumibol Dam, which also experiences severe water shortages annually during the dry season. Houseboat operators at both lakes are forced to cease operations temporarily until the rains replenish the reservoirs, allowing the houseboats to float again and tourism to resume.

“Due to the current dry conditions, we have to temporarily halt our houseboat tours and restaurant services. We will notify everyone through our page as soon as the situation improves.”

The drought’s impact on these lakes is a recurring issue. Each year, during the dry season, water levels drop drastically, leading to the temporary closure of houseboat services. This seasonal pattern disrupts the livelihoods of many who rely on tourism for their income.

Kaeng Kor and Doi Tao are both integral to the local tourism industry, attracting numerous visitors for their scenic beauty and recreational activities. However, the persistent drought poses a significant challenge to maintaining these attractions. When the water levels recede, houseboats are unable to operate, and the area loses its appeal to tourists.

Impact on tourism

The situation at Kaeng Kor is particularly dire this year, with water levels falling more rapidly than in previous years. This has prompted early closures and heightened concerns among local businesses and residents who depend on the lake’s tourism.

Efforts to mitigate the drought’s effects are ongoing, but the solutions are often temporary and dependent on natural rainfall. The local government and environmental agencies are exploring long-term strategies to manage water resources more effectively and ensure the sustainability of these crucial tourist destinations.

The announcement of service suspension has been met with understanding and support from the public, who are aware of the challenges posed by the drought. Many have expressed their hopes for a quick resolution and are looking forward to the reopening of the houseboat tours and restaurants, reported KhaoSod.

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