Tragic mushroom poisoning claims elderly woman’s life, son critical

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An elderly woman tragically passed away after consuming mushroom soup prepared from mushrooms her son had collected. The son remains in critical condition in the hospital, relatives suspect no foul play in the tragic passing of the woman.

Family members reported that before the incident, the woman’s son, 44 year old Pranchai had gone mushroom hunting, and prepared a soup with the fungi he had foraged. The elderly woman, 77 year old Chuen and her son began experiencing severe symptoms including vomiting, diarrhoea, and chest pain immediately after consumption. A relative provided crucial insight into the events.

“After eating the mushroom soup, both Chuen and Pranchai experienced vomiting, diarrhoea, and chest pain. They were rushed to Yasothon Hospital by the daughter, but unfortunately, Chuen could not withstand the mushroom poisoning and passed away. Pranchai is still in a critical condition.”

The relatives further explained that the body of Chuen was brought back to be laid to rest and religious rites were performed at Ban Nam Kham Noi Temple in Mueang Yasothon district. They reiterated that they do not suspect foul play or any other cause of Chuen’s death.

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Village leaders from two local communities in Yasothorn stressed the importance of correctly identifying edible mushrooms. Chief of Ban Nam Kham Noi, Village 2, Pikoon Senaeha, and Chief of Village 15, Sawat Kaensuwan urged for community vigilance in approaching similar cases with caution to prevent future tragedies, reported KhaoSod.

The tragic incident underscores the risks associated with foraging for mushrooms, highlighting the need for awareness and education on safe practices. The family’s loss is a poignant reminder of the potential dangers lurking in seemingly harmless activities.

In similar news, an 80 year old woman gathered mushrooms from beneath a bamboo grove and placed them in front of her house, unaware that her granddaughter would later use them for cooking. Fifteen minutes after eating, five family members experienced severe vomiting and chest tightness, prompting a rush to the hospital.

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