Government promises relief from Rama II Road traffic nightmare

Photo courtesy of Thai PBS World

Government spokesperson Chai Wacharonke assured the public that the torment of perpetual gridlock on Rama II Road would soon become a distant memory, with all construction projects scheduled for completion next year.

Chai’s declaration came hot on the heels of a heated exchange on social media with Bangkok’s Move Forward MP, Rukchanok Srinork, who had raised concerns about the dire state of traffic on the notorious road.

In a pointed retort on Monday, Chai revealed his firsthand experience, detailing a journey from Hua Hin to Bangkok that clocked in at a surprisingly manageable two hours and 40 minutes, contrary to claims of chronic congestion.

Unfazed by Chai’s assertion, Rukchanok fired back, accusing the government spokesperson of turning a blind eye to the harrowing realities faced by everyday commuters. She drew parallels to Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin’s controversial bike ride in Chiang Mai, suggesting a detachment from the ground truth.

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Challenging Chai to immerse himself in the Rama II chaos for a month, Rukchanok demanded accountability and recognition of the daily struggles endured by citizens.

In response, Chai underscored the government’s commitment to resolving the crisis, revealing ambitious plans to expedite construction projects that have languished for over half a century, reported Thai PBS World.

With a strict mandate prioritising public safety, construction is now confined to late-night hours, aiming to minimise disruptions to travellers.

In related news, a sudden scaffolding collapse on Rama II Road in Samut Sakhon province prompted an immediate investigation, as ordered by Department of Highways Director-General Sarawut Songsivilai. Alongside the investigation, all steel scaffolding along the elevated Motorway 82 (M82) project is set to undergo a thorough security check.

In other news, Thailand’s transport minister announced that construction delays on Rama II Road will persist during the Songkran festival. Despite efforts to expedite the work, the completion date is now set for June 2025. The minister assured that compensation will be paid to the contractors to encourage faster progress.

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