Myanmar’s 275th infantry battalion reclaims Pha Song Camp base

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Nestled in the quaint township of Myawaddy, Myanmar, Pha Song Camp witnessed a significant event today as the soldiers from the 275th Infantry Battalion, who were previously scattered near the Second Thai-Myanmar Friendship Bridge, made a collective retreat back to their base.

The retreat followed the withdrawal of the ethnic Karen resistance fighters, who had seized control of the base earlier this month.

The scene at Pha Song Camp was a sight to behold as preparations were underway to welcome the returning troops. A significant moment that marked the reclaiming of the base was the hoisting of the Myanmar national flag at the 275th Infantry Battalion base.

This act replaced the Karen flag that had been raised by the anti-junta forces, symbolising their capture of the base a few days prior.

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Insider reports suggest that the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) decided to withdraw their soldiers in an attempt to minimise civilian casualties.

Their retreat is also seen as a move to establish a safe zone in the Myawaddy Township, a strategic decision displaying their concern for the safety of those residing in the area.

Despite the peaceful retreat at Pha Song Camp, the day was not without its share of conflict. As the day unfolded, several bouts of clashes were reported between the Myanmar military and resistance forces in the inner areas of Myanmar.

The intensity of the conflict showed no signs of abating, with each wave of conflict seemingly more intense than the last.

Parallel to the conflict, there was a glimmer of hope for the displaced Myanmar civilians who had sought refuge in Mae Sot, a town located in Thailand’s Tak province, reported Pattaya News.

As the day drew to a close, these civilians began their journey back home to Myanmar, marking an end to their temporary displacement, said an unnamed source.

“The day was a mix of conflict and peace. While we witnessed the return of our soldiers to Pha Song Camp, the inner areas of Myanmar continued to reverberate with the sounds of conflict. As for our displaced civilians, it was heartening to see them return home after seeking refuge in Mae Sot.”

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