Giant python makes ‘withdrawal’ from ATM, sparks chaos

Picture courtesy of KhaoSod

A massive python caused quite a stir when it was found inside an ATM at a local bank. Rescue workers had to carefully dismantle the machine to capture the snake, sparking a flurry of online jokes and comments.

The incident unfolded when a giant python was discovered hiding inside an ATM. Footage shared on Facebook by the Guysit rescue team shows officials carefully extracting the massive reptile from the cash machine. The video quickly went viral, amassing numerous reactions and comments from netizens.

Rescue workers had their hands full as they meticulously pried open the ATM to safely remove the python. One of the workers humorously remarked, “Even snakes need money these days.”

Another user joked about the python being a robber or needing cash for shopping. Comments ranged from, “A snake robbing an ATM,” to, “What does it need money for?” and “Where is it planning to go shopping?” reported KhaoSod

In related news, a large python was found in the engine compartment of a confiscated pickup truck at the Thap Put Police Station in Phang Nga, causing quite a commotion. Police officers managed to safely extract the snake after a resident discovered it and reported the incident.

The discovery of a sizable python in a confiscated Isuzu pickup truck disrupted the routine training of the police officers at Thap Put Police Station in Phang Nga. A local, who had been inspecting the vehicle involved in a past accident, informed the officers about the snake. The vehicle, a blue Isuzu with the registration number บย 5977, had been parked behind the station, awaiting repairs.

The officers, led by Witoon Kongraksa, responded promptly to the report. They found the python coiled around the engine, presenting a challenging extraction. Despite some officers’ fear of snakes, they worked together for nearly 30 minutes to safely remove the reptile.

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