Friend of Thai comedian suspected of stealing from shoe collection

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A close acquaintance of renowned Thai comedian Jazz Chuanchuen has been issued with an arrest warrant for making off with several items from Jazz’s extensive shoe collection, worth over 300,000 baht.

Min Buri Police Station Chief, Police Colonel Kris Komnoi, stated that investigators had gathered evidence, particularly from a social media livestream by the individual claiming responsibility for the break-in and theft. This evidence has led to an application for an arrest warrant from the Minburi Criminal Court for burglary, involving property damage intended to prevent entry. The court has granted the warrant.

Pol. Col. Kris further revealed that the suspect admitted during the livestream to committing the crime and distributing the stolen shoes. The investigative team has been urgently tasked with apprehending the suspect to proceed with legal action. Once captured, the suspect’s fingerprints will be compared with those collected at the scene to confirm their identity.

The investigation has unveiled that the suspect, a 40 year old man, is a close associate of Jazz Chuanchuen’s family and internal family conflicts might have been a driving factor behind the theft, reported KhaoSod.

The police are dedicated to not only capturing the individual responsible but also determining the distribution of the stolen goods.

In related news, an underwear thief who managed to steal over 20 items of women’s underwear in one swoop is being pursued by the Patong Police in Phuket. The audacious theft, which was captured on CCTV, has been circulating widely across local social media channels since March 12.

In other news, a CCTV camera in an apartment in Nonthaburi province near Bangkok caught a Thai man with a rubber shoe fetish, stealing clothes and flip-flops for kinky masturbation purposes.

Police believe the man has a previous form for this. A 76 year old Thai woman, who lives in an apartment in the Bang Bua Thong district of Nonthaburi province, reported the pervert to Bang Bua Thong Police Station on January 26. Security camera footage of the incident was also submitted to officers.

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