Thai pervert caught on CCTV stealing clothes and flipflops for masturbation (video)

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A CCTV camera in an apartment in Nonthaburi province near Bangkok caught a Thai man with a rubber shoe fetish, stealing clothes and flipflops for kinky masturbation purposes. Police believe the man has previous form for this.

A 76 year old Thai woman, who lives in an apartment in the Bang Bua Thong district of Nonthaburi province, reported the pervert to Bang Bua Thong Police Station today, January 26. Security camera footage of the incident was also submitted to officers.

The footage showed a Thai man, aged around 30 to 35, wearing a white T-shirt and black shorts, stealing clothes hanging outside the room. He smelled the clothes while touching his penis before moving on to some flipflops on the floor.

The man is then seen smelling and licking the flipflops before lying down on the floor and acting like he is having sex. He then put all of the stolen clothes and flipflops under his shirt and fled the scene.

The elderly woman revealed to Channel 3 that she is disabled and lives with her 13 year old grandson, and the stolen clothes belonged to him. She said she is still in shock and afraid to move the clothes and dry them at night.

The woman said she was afraid the man would return to commit another crime or hurt her. She said she could not escape because of her disability and wanted the police to arrest the man as soon as possible.

Channel 7 reported that a similar incident was reported in Nonthaburi province before. In 2022, Bang Sri Mueang Police Station officers arrested a 24 year old Thai man named Teeraphat or Toon for stealing shoes for masturbation. More than 120 pairs of shoes were found in his home.

The same man, Teeraphat, was arrested again in March last year after stealing shoes from an apartment in the Bang Bua Thong district of Nonthaburi to satisfy his sexual needs.

Bang Bua Thong Police Station officers believed that the man in the recent incident could be Teeraphat but they have not yet arrested the pervert.

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