Former health official faces summons over molestation allegations

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A former public health official, who still practises as a doctor in Udon Thani, is set to be summoned by the police over allegations of molesting an 18 year old Lao housekeeper. Identified as Praewa, the young woman was employed by the doctor to provide care for his 80 year old mother at his residence in Soi Phon Phisai 2, located in the tambon Mak Khaeng of Muang district.

Praewa alleged that she has been sexually harassed and threatened by the doctor since six months into her employment, as reported by the police. The young woman urged her brother to complain to the doctor with the Mueang district police. Due to the stress caused by the situation, Praewa fell ill and is currently receiving treatment at a local hospital.

The police disclosed that investigators made attempts to question Praewa at the hospital, but her feverish condition prevented her from providing a statement at the time.

Police are gearing up to summon the doctor, who could face a maximum prison sentence of 10 years, a fine of up to 200,000 baht, or both, should he be found guilty of the molestation charges.

The doctor has denied the accusations, claiming to a reporter that while he did embrace Praewa and touch her arms and legs, he had no sexual intentions. He stated that he had already apologised to her.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Niwat Kunsri, who is leading the case, was visited by the vice-consul of Laos in Khon Kaen to discuss the progress of the investigation, reported Bangkok Post.

A similar event was reported early this year. A yoga instructor from Buriram exposed a photographer for sexual harassment and coercion, sharing her traumatic experience on social media. Despite settling the case out of court, she hopes to warn other women about predatory behaviour and encourage them to speak out against such misconduct.

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