Indian tourist survives 6th floor plunge onto floating deck

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In North Pattaya, a 43 year old Indian tourist defied the odds as he miraculously survived a terrifying fall from a condominium building’s 6th floor, only to land on a floating deck one floor below.

Responding to a frantic distress call at approximately 4.36am today, the Sawang Boriboon Thammasathan Foundation’s rescue volunteers arrived on the scene to find the tourist, identified only as Jaisal, lying on the 5th-floor floating deck, having plummeted from the balcony above.

Despite sustaining multiple injuries including a fractured left knee, left arm, and severely deformed left leg, Jaisal’s survival was ensured thanks to the swift action of the rescue personnel who provided crucial first aid before transporting him to a nearby hospital for advanced medical treatment.

Investigations into the harrowing incident uncovered a shocking truth: Jaisal’s fall was not the result of a daredevil stunt but a grave miscalculation fuelled by alcohol. Mistaking the rear balcony door for the bathroom entrance, Jaisal’s intoxicated state led to the perilous misstep that could have cost him his life, reported BNN Breaking.

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Fortunately, the quick thinking of Jaisal’s friends, who promptly alerted hotel staff after the fall, combined with the coordinated efforts of emergency services, proved instrumental in his timely rescue.

In related news, a Chinese man joined the insensitively named “Pattaya Flying Club” when he reportedly committed suicide by jumping from the 18th floor of a condominium in the popular seaside resort on February 11. The motive for his tragic decision is believed to be a dispute with his wife.

In other news, a pharmacist tragically lost his life after falling from the third floor of the Tha Phra MRT station on February 18 at approximately 10.57am. The incident, which left witnesses in extreme shock, unfolded when a 62 year old pharmacist and manager of a medical supply company, was seen plummeting to his death right before their eyes.

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