Buriram yoga teacher exposes photographer’s sexual harassment

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A yoga instructor exposed a prominent photographer from Buriram for sexual harassment and attempted coercion into risqué photography, with a subsequent payoff offer of 30,000 baht to silence the matter. The incident, which she believes was not an isolated case, took place on February 15. The victim shared her traumatic experience on social media to warn other women of the potential dangers posed by individuals misusing their professional status.

The 29 year old Buriram-based yoga teacher and studio owner recounted the distressing events that unfolded in her own home, which doubles as her yoga studio. Traditionally relying on family members for promotional photography, she was approached by a well-known photographer, a friend’s partner, offering to take professional photos to help promote her business. On February 7, after repeated messages from the photographer, she agreed to a photo session, believing she could trust the acquaintance.

The shoot quickly turned inappropriate as the photographer attempted to persuade her to wear revealing outfits and engaged in suggestive conversation. When the yoga instructor changed clothes, the photographer groped her and captured the act on camera. Despite feeling threatened and alone, with her father and daughter some 300 metres away, she managed to defuse the situation without escalating to potential violence. The photographer eventually left when she convinced him her family was about to return, reported KhaoSod.

After consulting her boyfriend, a police officer in Bangkok, she reported the incident to the Mueang Buriram Police Station on the morning of February 8. Initially, the photographer denied the allegations, but after persistent questioning by the police, he admitted to the offence and agreed to pay a fine of 30,000 baht (US$829) to settle the case out of court.

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The yoga instructor, troubled by the experience and subsequent sleepless nights, decided to share her story publicly to alert other women and encourage them to speak out against such predatory behaviour. She suspects the photographer had committed similar acts previously, emboldened by a lack of accountability.

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