Former airline pilot arrested for secretly filming women and selling clips in private group

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Police arrested a former pilot of a prominent airline for deceiving young women and secretly recording them in compromising situations, then selling the videos in a private group online. Nearly 30 victims have been discovered, prompting further investigation into the case.

Authorities reported raiding two locations in Bangkok and Chanthaburi province yesterday. The first location was the residence of Phatrawit, a former pilot who lived in the Ramkhamhaeng 112 neighborhood. The second location was Attaphon’s home in Chanthaburi’s Mueang district. Both individuals were apprehended under arrest warrants in relation to obscenity and defamation charges. Evidence including laptops, mobile phones, and hard drives were seized.

The arrest followed several victims filing complaints with the Cybercrime Investigation Division (CID) against Phatrawit, who they had met through different applications such as Instagram, Facebook, and Tinder. The former pilot allegedly impersonated an airline employee, lured the victims into intimate relationships, and eventually took them to hotel rooms for sexual activities.

Later, the victims discovered explicit clips of themselves on the VK application and other platforms. They also found out that their Facebook and Instagram profiles had been linked to explicit content. As a result, they sought the assistance of cyber police in apprehending the perpetrator.

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Following a thorough investigation, CID officers learned that Phatrawit and Attaphon were behind the crime and proceeded to apprehend them. The investigation uncovered that last year, Phatrawit booked hotel rooms in a Ratchathewi area hotel 13 times where he would secretly film the victims during sexual activities.

Moreover, the police found that this year, there were seven similar incidents. It was reported that Phatrawit sold explicit content featuring attractive young women as part of a secret group’s membership. In total, 29 victims were found to have been subjected to similar activities.

Investigating Phatrawit’s background revealed he had previously faced similar charges at the Samrong Nua Police Station and at the Khok Kram Subdistrict Police Station. Phatrawit, who was once employed as a pilot for a major airline, is no longer in the profession, reports Sanook.

The CID team, led by a Deputy Commander, will present the accused former pilot with various charges stemming from secretly recording and selling videos of many victims at a press conference at the Technology Crime Suppression Division (TCSD) headquarters in Muang Thong Thani today at 11am.

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