Foreign man in Chon Buri accused of killing stray dog with poison

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A Thai woman accused a foreign man living in the same community in Chon Buri province of poisoning a stray dog and previously abusing his pets.

The 66 year old woman, Lamud, urged Channel 3 to share her story in a bid to seek justice for the dead stray dog named Liao. Reporters visited her home in the Bang Lamung district of Chon Buri on June 17, and Lamud led them to Liao’s body.

According to Lamud, she did not own the animal but frequently fed it and other stray dogs in the area. Liao was smart, a good guard dog for Lamud’s home, and apparently loved and protected her.

Lamud explained that she opened her grocery store in the morning but noticed Liao was not there as usual. She searched for him and spotted dog poo behind her store. She followed the trail and found the dead dog’s body, with foam coming from his mouth.

Lamud immediately suspected Liao had been poisoned and the foreign man, whose identity and nationality were not disclosed, became her main suspect. She revealed that the foreigner had recently threatened to kill Liao. He rode his sidecar motorcycle past her home, insulted her, and threatened Liao.

The woman also claimed the foreigner had physically assaulted her while she was feeding stray dogs in the community.

Lamud added that her neighbours told her the foreigner had previously abused his pet dogs. He allegedly killed and tortured them by holding their heads underwater.

Channel 3 visited the foreign man’s home to interview him but the house was locked and no one responded. The sidecar motorcycle was parked in front and many dogs, both stray and pets, were outside the house.

Lamud urged relevant authorities to investigate the foreigner’s visa and work status in Thailand, along with the dog’s death.

In a related story from September of last year, an unidentified person poisoned many stray dogs at a temple in northern Thailand. Some dogs were rushed to the hospital but, unfortunately, none survived. There has been no report on whether local police officers in the province have apprehended the perpetrator.

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