Temple dogs poisoned in heartrending act of animal cruelty in Buriram

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News of a shocking act of animal cruelty jarred the local community after an individual maliciously poisoned several dogs in a temple in Northern Thailand. The incident, which took place today, sparked widespread condemnation and a plea from the monk in charge of Wat Po Thong Sand, located in Lahan Sai district, Buriram province, for the perpetrator not to repeat such an act.

The temple, home to around ten stray dogs, discovered the disturbing animal cruelty in the morning. Four or five canines were found in a state of distress, writhing in pain under tables and across the temple grounds. There were no prior symptoms of illness, leading to the conclusion that they had been poisoned. Five dogs were swiftly transported to an animal clinic in the district but, unfortunately, all succumbed to their condition.

The remaining dogs survived the ordeal, though some exhibited signs of depression, presumably affected by the loss of their companions. The chief monk of the temple expressed dismay over the cruel poisoning of the dogs.

“We, the monks and temple boys, have always taken care of these dogs, feeding and watering them. They might bark at strangers entering the temple but have never bitten or harmed anyone.”

A Facebook user named Duang Lahansai first brought this cruelty to the temple dogs to light, posting images and clips along with a message condemning the act. The post triggered a flood of comments, with most viewers denouncing the perpetrator’s cruel act, reported KhaoSod.

A 62 year old resident, Prai Tu Ru Yia, who sells goods near the temple, also witnessed the heartwrenching sight. He lamented the sight, questioning the motive behind the act and the perpetrator’s lack of fear of karma.

“I saw the dogs dying in pain, it was heartbreaking. We tried to help the monks take the dogs to the vet but it was too late.”

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