Fire at chemical warehouses in Rayong sparks arson suspicions

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The fire at the industrial and chemical waste warehouses of Win Process in the Ban Khai district of Rayong, in the eastern province, has raised suspicions of arson, although the company’s owner has chosen to remain silent.

According to the latest reports from multiple news agencies as of last night, the firefighting team had not fully extinguished the fire at Win Process’s warehouses, owing to the presence of chemical substances at the site. It was noted that the fire was 95% contained, with the authorities maintaining close surveillance to avert any potential explosions.

Rayong Deputy Governor Kanchai Thepworrachai reported to Channel 3 yesterday that the fire was extinguished but smoke persisted. The chemical substances at the scene also raised the possibility of another eruption.

According to Kanchai, the province prepared a team to address the smoke issue but they required chemical experts to ensure the safety of officers and reduce the risk of further fires.

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Move Forward Party (MFP) MP Chutiphong Pipoppinyo expressed suspicions about the fire’s cause saying he suspected the arson.

Chutiphong clarified that the Rayong Provincial Industrial Office had directed Win Process company to relocate the chemical substances from the warehouse for appropriate disposal. The fire incident took place on April 22.

Chutiphong emphasised that the fire started around 8am, coinciding with the start of the company’s working day. He further explained that the company’s electricity supply had been disconnected, ruling out the possibility of a short circuit as the cause of the fire.

Moreover, Chutiphong mentioned that the company was owned by the same person who owned a chemical warehouse in the central province of Ayutthaya where a fire broke out on February 29. Police found an unused ping pong bomb at that scene.

Deputy Provincial Governor Kanchai acknowledged uncertainty regarding the cause of the fire but confirmed that it was not a result of a short circuit, as the electricity had been disconnected prior to the incident.

Kanchai suggested that the fire might have been sparked by high temperatures and the presence of chemical substances, urging the public to await a thorough investigation.

Thotsaphon Borwonmote, the chief of Ban Khai district, informed MGR Online that nobody had claimed ownership of the company since the fire. He expressed suspicion regarding the cause, noting that similar incidents appeared to happen frequently at comparable companies.



ORIGINAL STORY: Authorities struggle to control fire at chemical warehouse in Rayong

A fire broke out at an industrial waste and chemical warehouse belonging to the Win Process Company in the eastern province of Rayong at 8.30am yesterday. The Thai authorities have been working for over 20 hours to extinguish the fire and are struggling to fully control it due to flammable chemical substances.

Residents living near the warehouse in the Ban Khai district of Rayong had to evacuate for their safety. The fire produced thick black plumes of smoke that covered the residential area and emitted chemical odours from various substances stored in the warehouse.

The fire started in a Win Process company warehouse and then spread to another, causing multiple explosions.

According to Thai PBS, firefighters found it challenging to put out the fire using water alone because of the chemicals present. They had to use a fire suppressant called aqueous film-forming foam (AFFF) along with water to prevent the fire from spreading any further.

Rayong province Deputy Governor Kanchai Thepworrachai told the Prachachart news platform that the Thai authorities were still unable to fully control the fire despite more than 20 hours of operation.

However, they have managed to contain it within a limited area. Firefighters are still spraying water to prevent the fire from spreading any further.

Kanchai anticipates that the situation will be under control by the end of today, and investigations into the cause of the fire will begin tomorrow.

Kanchai added that the province plans to declare the affected area a disaster zone, including the Bangbuth and Nong Bua sub-districts. Locals in these two areas were evacuated to temporary shelters, while some chose to stay with their relatives.

The Win Process company was involved in the separation and disposal of chemical and industrial waste. According to MGR Online, the company faced a lawsuit from 15 locals for health effects caused by its operations.

The Rayong Provincial Court ordered the company to compensate the affected individuals with more than 20 million baht on December 13, 2022. The company operation was suspended, and the chemical substances in the warehouses were abandoned without proper management, leading to the fire.

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