Female police save woman from drunk foreigner during Songkran

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A group of female police officers heroically intervened to save a Thai woman from a drunken foreigner who was attempting to drag her away on Khao San Road during the final days of the Songkran festival.

The officers, identified as Suphannan Shinphatthachitchai, Nitiya Chanamin, Narinthon Saengchai, and Apirinya Jaksaran, were on duty supporting the Chanasongkram Police Station when they were alerted to the altercation and quickly stepped in to diffuse the situation.

The festive atmosphere on Khao San Road during Songkran took a serious turn late at night when a report came in of a foreign man, inebriated and out of control, accosting a Thai woman. The incident occurred around 11.50pm, two days before the reported intervention, and could have escalated had it not been for the prompt and decisive action of the female crowd control police officers stationed nearby.

The officers, part of the 4th company of the 1st Crowd Control Division, received a distress call from the public about a quarrel. Without hesitation, they sprinted towards the scene. Upon arrival, they found the foreign man in a drunken state, trying to forcibly take the Thai woman with him. The woman appeared terrified and helpless against the advances of the inebriated man.

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The officers acted swiftly to separate the man from the woman, ensuring her safety. Their intervention was not only timely but also demonstrated a commitment to protecting citizens and upholding public order during what is typically a time of celebration and joy.

The foreign man was removed from the situation, and the woman was rescued unharmed. In a reassuring development, no legal action was taken as the woman did not wish to press charges, allowing the matter to be resolved without further incident.

Such acts of bravery and service by the female crowd control police officers serve as a reminder of the essential role they play in maintaining peace and security, especially during large public gatherings like the Songkran festival. Their quick response and professional handling of the situation ensured that the festivities on Khao San Road were not marred by violence and that both locals and visitors could continue to enjoy the traditional Thai New Year celebrations in safety.

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