Emily in Paris star Ashely Park battles with tonsillitis in Thailand

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Ashley Park, a renowned actress from Glendale, California, recently survived a life-threatening ordeal during a new year vacation in Thailand, putting the filming of the much-anticipated fourth season of ‘Emily in Paris’ in jeopardy.

In a candid Instagram post yesterday, January 19, the actress, who portrays Mindy Chen in the Netflix hit series, disclosed the harrowing details of her near-death experience. Park contracted tonsillitis while on vacation, but her condition took a dire turn, leading to a critical septic shock that wreaked havoc on several organs.

“I’m still in the throes of recovery… but I now know I’m safely on the other side of the worst.”

The actress extended her gratitude to co-star Paul Forman, with whom she is rumoured to be in a relationship, for being her rock through the tumultuous journey, navigating foreign hospitals, ICUs, and a week filled with uncertainty, reported National World.

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Emily in Paris co-star Lily Collins, visibly moved by Park’s revelation, expressed her love and relief on Instagram.

“I can hardly look at these without crying. I love you sister, and I’m forever grateful you’re on the other side of this.”

Glen Powell, star of Top Gun: Maverick, also sent his love, empathising with the ordeal.

As the entertainment world rallies around Park, it remains uncertain how her health setback will impact the production schedule of Emily in Paris Season 4. Scheduled to commence filming this month, the series may face delays, considering Park’s central role. With Netflix yet to confirm a release date, fans anxiously await updates on the fate of the beloved show.

Park’s brush with death has sparked an outpouring of support from industry peers, including Queer Eye’s Tan France, designer Donatella Versace, and Mean Girls co-star Busy Phillips. As the actress battles her way back to health, the show’s fate remains uncertain, leaving fans on the edge of their seats.

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