Knife-wielding Thai man sends tourist running for his life in Chon Buri

Photo courtesy of BNN

A knife-wielding Thai man was caught on CCTV attempting to attack a tourist on Soi Na Jomtien 20 yesterday morning, January 19 in Chon Buri.

The confrontation began with the tourist inquiring about the location of a beer shop from a local woman and her friends. The group offered to fetch the beer for him, but before the kind gesture could materialise, a Thai man on a motorcycle roared onto the scene.

The unidentified local, seemingly determined to make a quick buck, insisted on selling the beer himself at a staggering price of 200 baht per bottle. Faced with this aggressive proposition, the tourist made a swift exit.

However, the Thai man reappeared, brandishing a knife. Faced with the looming threat, the tourist had no choice but to flee for his life. Thankfully, the entire incident was caught on a surveillance camera mounted at Soi Na Jomtien 20.

It was the quick thinking of the local woman, who initially engaged in conversation with the tourist, that brought this alarming incident to the attention of the media.

As of now, the fate of the foreign tourist remains uncertain, and it is unclear whether he has reported the incident to the police. This incident adds to the growing concern of threats faced by foreigners in Thailand, reported BNN.

In a separate incident, two Vietnamese tourists were apprehended in Bangkok for a series of pickpocketing and theft incidents targeting foreign tourists at popular temples across the city. A Japanese tourist also fell prey to a bag snatch at the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, leading to the arrest of the criminals armed with a card swiping machine and a cutter knife.

Thai police stress the importance of vigilance among foreign tourists, especially at well-known tourist attractions. The need for heightened awareness is crucial as these incidents continue to cast a shadow on the safety of visitors in Thailand.

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