Elderly Thai woman dies in house fire alongside 20 baht of gold

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A tragic fire in Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya province claimed the life of a 76 year old Thai woman, leaving her husband heartbroken. The fire, which broke out at their wooden house today at 9.30am, destroyed the entire building and reportedly engulfed an estimated 20 baht of gold.

The incident occurred at a high-stilt wooden house in Bang Sai district’s Sanam Chai sub-district. Driven by strong winds, the fire spread rapidly, and emergency personnel spent over an hour trying to control the blaze. The deceased, Thongthung (a pseudonym), was found in her bedroom. Her husband, 85 year old Sam-ang, was inconsolable and unable to locate his wife amidst the chaos.

Sam-ang recounted that he had crossed the river to visit the bank that morning. While he was away, he received a call informing him about the fire at their house. He rushed back to find the house engulfed in flames, concerned for his wife who had difficulty walking due to knee surgery.

Neighbouring residents attempted to assist the couple during the fire, with some trying to retrieve the trapped woman inside the house. However, the intensity of the blaze prevented anyone from successfully entering. Some locals reported hearing a noise similar to an electrical short circuit before the fire started.

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The area was cordoned off by investigating officers to protect the property, including the burnt gold still located within the house. Officials from the Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya police will examine the scene to determine the cause of the fire and conduct further legal procedures.

Last year, a blazing fire engulfed a house in Pathum Thani province in central Thailand, killing a couple, their one year old child, and 12 pets.

Officers from Thanya Buri Police Station were informed of a house fire in Pruksa Village Khlong 8 in Thanya Buri district. Police, firefighters, and rescue workers from the Por Teck Thung Foundation rushed to the scene. To read more click here

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