Dutch sperm donor splashes out, fathering 550 children

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A notorious Dutch sperm donor has fathered more than 550 children in the past 15 years, surpassing legal limits. His actions came to light in a recent documentary, which revealed how he frequently hid his donation history.

Netflix’s latest documentary, Father of a Thousand Sons, uncovers the story of 42 year old Jonathan Jacob Meijer, who has made numerous sperm donations, not only surpassing the legal cap of 25 donations but also hiding his donation records.

Meijer signed contracts with 11 sperm banks worldwide, including the largest one globally. Confirmed to have fathered 550 children across the globe, the actual number is believed to be higher.

The documentary delves into Meijer’s journey, starting with his first sperm donation in the Netherlands in 2007. Known as the most famous sperm donor globally, Meijer is also a musician and YouTuber. He began donating sperm at the age of 25 and subsequently registered with multiple sperm donation clinics worldwide. His extensive donations have led him to father 550 children, with 375 in the Netherlands, 80 in Germany, 35 in Belgium, four in Argentina, and two in Australia.

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Meijer intentionally concealed his sperm donation records, deceiving clinics and parents alike. This deception has raised concerns about the potential risk of half-siblings unknowingly engaging in relationships with each other in the future. Dutch health officials first exposed Meijer’s misconduct in 2017 and subsequently banned him from making further donations.

Currently residing in Zanzibar, Tanzania, Meijer responded to the allegations by posting a video on YouTube, refuting Netflix’s documentary and claiming it misled viewers. He claimed his acts helped out families in need. Reports suggest Meijer could earn £1,100 (51,000 baht) for each sperm donation at donation centres, but he denies these rumours, insisting he donates for free.

In a 2023 interview with a German media outlet, Meijer expressed his desire to start his own family despite his numerous donations.

“I want to start a family and dream of having five children.”

Meijer’s story has stirred significant controversy and highlighted the ethical concerns surrounding sperm donation practices. His actions have brought to light the potential risks and the need for stricter regulations in the sperm donation industry. The documentary serves as a stark reminder of the importance of transparency and accountability in such sensitive matters, reported Sanook.

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