Durian diva: Thai woman sells durian in bikini, ignoring online drama

Photo via Facebook/ นุ้ง' อั้ม

A Thai woman is creating a buzz on social media after posting videos and pictures of herself selling durian in a bikini on a roadside in the northern province of Kamphaeng Phet.

The sexy 22 year old durian vendor, Aranya, also known as Aum, sparked controversy on Thai social media two years ago for wearing a bikini while selling the fruit. Some netizens complained that her appearance, not the quality of the product, was the reason for her success.

The online drama subsided after the durian season ended, as Aum only operated her shop during that time.

This year, Aum reopened her shop alongside the Kamphaeng Phet-Pichit Road, selling durian both in person and through her Facebook account, นุ้ง อั้ม, allowing customers to order durian via her livestream.

Aum continues to wear colourful bikinis while selling, and this year, she invited friends to join her, though they did not wear sexy swimsuits like Aum.

In an interview with ThaiRath, Aum disclosed that the selling point of her shop extended beyond the allure of her provocative outfits, she emphasised the high quality of her products. She revealed that her main offerings were Monthong durians sourced from a reputable plantation in the eastern province of Rayong.

Aum acknowledged facing scrutiny once again this year for her bikini attire but she brushed it off. She said that her choice of provocative dress was purely a matter of personal preference and style, unrelated to the quality of the fruit she sold.

In addition to her durian business, Aum doubles as a glamorous model, frequently sharing photoshoots on her Facebook page.

Aum is not the first Thai vendor to go viral for wearing revealing clothing. In March, Nathaphat “Boom Bim” Boonmee attracted nationwide attention to her mango stall in Samut Prakan province with her sexy dresses.

The story of another sexy Thai vendor was shared in March during the mango season. Nathaphat “Boom Bim” Boonmee garnered attentions from customers across the country to her mango stall in Samut Prakan province near Bangkok with her sexy dresses.

Another Thai vendor, 24 year old Aranya “Olive” Aphaiso, gained fame for wearing a revealing top. She previously sold snacks in Chiang Mai and later became a social media influencer.

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