Big boobed Thai woman’s mango sticky rice stall a hit in Mae Klong

The mango season has arrived with a buzz this year, attracting attention from mango farmers and savvy entrepreneurs like a young, big-boobed Thai woman whose roadside mango stall has gained widespread popularity.

Nanthapat Boonmee, also known as Boom Bim, has a roadside mango sticky rice stall called Boom Bim’s Mango Sticky Rice with Big Boobs, situated in Sri Champa Street, Mae Klong area of Samut Songkhram province, which has become a sensation.

The 35 year old entrepreneur has capitalised on the abundant mango produce by blending golden Nam Dok Mai mangoes and the tangy Ok-rong variety with a traditional sticky rice recipe passed down from her grandmother, creating a culinary delight that has customers, especially young men, returning for more.

Previously, Boom Bim worked in a hospital but the drive to earn more led her to pursue a venture that could capitalise on her grandmother’s sticky rice recipe, which she remembered as incredibly delicious from 30 years ago. Her successful trials with the recipe and connections with a mango farm owner gave her the confidence to start her business, which initially took off in the Amphawa Floating Market three years ago.

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However, the Covid-19 pandemic hit, forcing her to pause her operations. This year, the abundance of mangoes has allowed her to restart her business at the Mae Klong Market, where she’s experiencing booming sales once again.

Boom Bim’s choice to dress in a sexy manner, which aligns with her personal preference for beautiful and provocative attire, has significantly contributed to her stall’s popularity. This, coupled with the high-quality product she offers, has earned her stall the nickname it now proudly bears.

Her mango selection includes the Number 4 Nam Dok Mai and Ok-rong mangoes, freshly picked from the orchard. Her sticky rice is priced at 120 baht per kilogramme, with small boxes at 30 baht and large ones at 50 baht.

Customers flocking to Boom Bim’s Mango Sticky Rice with Big Boobs can enjoy these delectable treats between 2pm and 10pm daily at the front of Tawee Kij Mae Klong, on Sri Champa Street. Nanthapat’s success story is a testament to the fusion of quality produce, traditional recipes, and modern marketing savvy, proving that a clever business idea can blossom in the mango season, reported Sanook.

Big boobed Thai woman's mango sticky rice stall a hit in Mae Klong | News by Thaiger
Picture courtesy of Sanook

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