Urgent search for missing 7 year old boy after father’s threats

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A seven year old boy known as Nong Bel has mysteriously gone missing following a violent incident involving his father, who allegedly strangled and threatened his life with a knife. The boy’s father, identified as 33 year old Naveesak Saetaw reportedly used these scare tactics to coerce the boy’s mother into reconciling with him after their separation.

The case took a dramatic turn as local celebrity and activist, Kanthaswat Phongphaibulwes spearheaded a search operation with law enforcement officers, but to no avail.

Kanthaswat took to Facebook yesterday to plea for public assistance in locating Nong Bel, stressing the urgency of the situation. He recounted the harrowing episode where the father physically assaulted the boy and held him at knife-point during a video call to the mother, demanding her return.

Previously, the father had attempted to force-feed the child bathroom cleaner, escalating the level of abuse.

The child’s mother, 34 year old Ms A, alongside Kanthaswat, sought help from law enforcement and local social services in Samut Sakhon province to find Nong Bel.

The mother had separated from Naveesak four months prior, following a history of domestic violence and drug abuse.

He squandered a large amount of their savings on gambling and drugs, which led to Ms A’s suicide attempt by ingesting bathroom cleaner. Instead of helping her, Naveesak forced more of the cleaner down her throat, threatening that if she died, their son would soon follow.

Miraculous escape

She managed to escape with one of her children but Nong Bel remained with his paternal grandmother until she passed away, after which Naveesak took him.

Nong Bel became not only a bargaining tool in his father’s attempts to manipulate her but also a target for his aggression.

Kanthaswat and Ms A had gone to the father’s rental room in Samut Sakhon along with the authorities but found it locked and empty. She contacted Naveesak, who demanded to meet her alone at an undisclosed location, threatening that she would never see her son again otherwise.

She complied, but neither Naveesak nor Nong Bel appeared, leading to a continuous change in meeting points without result. The police remain on high alert, anticipating the father’s next move.

Later, Kanthaswat and Ms A returned to the police station to file a formal complaint against Naveesak. Neighbours reported seeing him return to his room alone the previous night but did not see Nong Bel with him.

By sunrise, he had disappeared once again, leaving the community anxious and uncertain about the boy’s safety.

The search for Nong Bel continues as authorities and volunteers continue to search the area, with hopes fading as each hour passes. The public is urged to report any sightings of Naveesak or Nong Bel, particularly if seen riding a white Honda Wave motorcycle, which is the vehicle they were last known to be using, reported Khaosod.

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