Deputy PM to discuss government strategies with military chiefs

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Deputy Prime Minister and Commerce Minister Phumtham Wechayachai announced plans to engage in discussions with the heads of the armed forces in Thailand. These meetings, scheduled to take place at the military chiefs’ workplaces, aim to brief them about the government’s strategies and protocols.

Following his recent appointment to oversee the Ministry of Defence, Phumtham expressed his intent to maintain an open line of communication with the Royal Thai Army, Royal Thai Navy, and Royal Thai Air Force.

“As a deputy prime minister, I will listen, coordinate and make the right decisions for the sake of the nation.”

He also emphasised his intention to consider the opinions of all parties.

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To foster a collaborative approach, Phumtham opted to conduct the meetings at the military heads’ offices. Stressing that his role was not to assert dominance but to encourage collective problem-solving.

“I do not intend to act like a boss. I just want them to help brainstorm how to solve national problems.”

When confronted with questions regarding potential amendments to the Ministry of Defence Organisation Act to prevent coups, Phumtham deferred the matter.

“I haven’t looked into the details, so it’s not the time to think about the matter. I would want to talk about this with Defence Minister Sutin Klungsang first.”

Dispelling concerns about a potential coup, Phumtham emphasised that the current government was civilian-led and inclusive.

“Right now, we do not have any coup worries as we are a civilian government working with every party. We can work effectively with the armed forces.”

Phumtham concluded by reiterating his commitment to the country and to upholding the policies outlined to the Thai Parliament, reported Bangkok Post.

“We are determined to work for the country and will listen and coordinate with all sectors. Everything must be according to policies submitted before parliament.”

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