Demolished dreams: Ex MP’s pickup crash claims husband’s life

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A former Democrat Party MP allegedly crashed a pickup into an electric pole in the Isaan province of Nakhon Ratchasima, losing her husband in the accident. The couple previously hit tabloid headlines on issues involving their relationship but were reunited just three months before the fatal accident.

The deceased, 42 year old Pongphumphat Chuedee, made headlines in February after seeking police and public help in locating his missing wife, a 36 year old former MP candidate named Suphannee Chuedee and their daughter.

Suphannee later came forward to deny her missing status and reveal to the public that she fled from Pongphumphat because of his abusive abuse. She then demanded a divorce from her husband.

The Paveena Foundation for Women and Children intervened in their conflict, facilitating dialogue until they were able to reconcile and resume their relationship. Pongphumphat also pledged to his wife and the public that he would abstain from any further physical abuse towards her.

Unfortunately, a fatal accident on May 6 on the Nakhon Ratchasima Bypass Road brought the family back into the spotlight.

Rescuers from the Hook 31 Nakhon Ratchasima Foundation rushed to the scene with the metal cutting tools. They discovered Suphannee severely injured in the driver’s seat of a red Ford Ranger pickup, while Pongphumphat was found dead in the passenger seat.

The rescue team removed the couple from the damaged car and took them to hospital. The cause of the accident had not yet been assessed according to ThaiRath.

However, New TV reported the accident differently. According to the media outlet, the couple, accompanied by their daughter and a friend, had visited the SaveoneKorat night market together, and the incident occurred while they were returning home.

Reportedly, the friend was driving, with the couple and their daughter seated in the back of the vehicle. As per this account, the driver lost control on a rain-soaked road.

Suphannee reportedly sustained injuries to her hip and head, while Phumpongphat tragically lost his life at the scene. Their daughter emerged unscathed, purportedly shielded by her father, while the driver suffered minor injuries.

ThaiRath reported that Suphannee remains under the doctor’s supervision at the hospital, but her condition has not yet been updated in the report. Pongphumphat’s funeral ceremony was held at Sakae Temple in Nakhon Ratchasima province, and the cremation will happen on May 11.

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