Crane accident at Lam Sali bridge Bangkok leaves one dead, two injured

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A tragic incident occurred yesterday at the elevated bridge crossing the Lam Sali intersection in Bangkok when an iron plate fell from the crane, claiming one life and inflicting injuries on two other workers. Events unfolded today at 1.50am as the labourers were working on the bridge.

The bridge, located over the Bangkapi intersection, is currently under construction. Among the victims were 26 year old Netipong, 46 year old Duangjai, and 32 year old Anant. Anant suffered a severe head injury that led to his unfortunate demise while receiving treatment at the hospital.

The workers were using two cranes to remove the iron plate located underneath the bridge. As they were attaching the sling to the plate, it abruptly fell, hitting the workers on the crane and those at the site. The area of the accident was on Sereethai Road, where the Lam Sali intersection bridge is being repaired. The iron plates were removed as part of this task.

At the time of the accident, traffic from Sereethai Road inbound was blocked, preventing further mishaps. After the incident, the workers cleared the debris and normal traffic resumed.

The precise cause of the iron plate’s fall remains under investigation as no supervisor was found at the scene post the incident. Further inquiries will be carried out with those responsible for the neglect leading to the injuries and the one fatality, reported KhaoSod.

In related news, an explosion at a factory left two workers injured in Samut Prakan province near Bangkok. The incident occurred when a newly bought cutting tool malfunctioned. The device had been in use for only a few hours when it exploded, severely injuring the employees.

The explosion happened around 5.30pm two days ago at a factory inside Soi Bang Pla 20 in Bang Pla Subdistrict, Bang Phli District. The two injured workers were found amid the wreckage, one severely injured with lacerations across his face and body, while the other had fragments embedded under his right eye and forehead but was still conscious. To read more about the story click here.

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