Country singer Bew Kalayanee’s brother found dead in Tapee River

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The lifeless body of Chitkorn Jiamsakul, a 45 year old car driver and elder brother to the renowned country singer Kalayanee Jiamsakul, known as Bew Kalayanee, was found near a dock. The discovery took place about 2 kilometres from the initial incident site where Chitkorn was last observed jumping from Sri Surat Bridge and vanishing into the Tapee River on December 4.

As of 9am today, the Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) rescue team was informed by locals that a body had been spotted near the ST dock in the Tha Thong Canal, a tributary of the Tapee River. The team quickly arrived on the scene, suspecting that the body belonged to Chitkorn, who had been missing for three days.

Upon inspection, the team confirmed the body was indeed that of Chitkorn. He was found wearing a yellow polo shirt and black trousers, floating face down in the water between the dock and a moored boat. The authorities wrapped his body in a black plastic sheet and transferred it to a boat, where it was then handed over to the police. Forensic experts and doctors from Surat Thani Hospital conducted an autopsy on the body, reported KhaoSod.

In the early hours of the morning, Ratchanee Jiamsakul, along with the singer, Bew, accompanied the rescue team in their search for Chitkorn. Upon hearing the news of the discovery of the body, they immediately returned to the ST dock. The sight of the rescue team covering Chitkorn’s body prompted Ratchanee to weep.

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A boat worker, who discovered Chitkorn’s body, said that he noticed an unpleasant smell around 8.45am. Upon closer inspection, he saw a yellow shirt floating near the boat with some water stains. Realising that it was a body, he quickly informed the dock authorities and the police.

He also mentioned that he did not smell anything unusual the night before when he sat at the back of the boat before going to bed, only noticing the foul smell that morning.

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