Close call: Factory worker narrowly escapes blindness in a roadside fishing line incident

Picture courtesy of KhaoSod.

A 21 year old factory worker narrowly escaped blindness after a road incident involving an angler’s fishing line in Nonthaburi. The worker was a pillion rider on a motorcycle, and as they passed a fisherman, the line slashed across his face. The incident occurred on June 26.

The road itself was alongside a canal and trailed by a rice field. Among the injured were the motorcycle rider, 35 year old Phumin, and his younger companion, 21 year old Ronnagrit. They both worked at a local dessert factory in Bang Bua Thong district.

Phumin narrated the ordeal, saying that as they journeyed to work, they encountered a man fishing. It wasn’t until they passed him that the younger rider was snagged by the fishing line resulting in a long wound. The fishing line was linked to a tree on the other side of the road. Phumin further mentioned that luckily, they had helmets on. However, Ronnagrit had his visor up for fresh air, leading to the fishing line causing abrasions around both his eyes. Following this, they rapidly stopped to check Ronnagrit’s condition. The angler hurried over and apologised. Noticing the wound, they decided it wasn’t deep and fearing lateness for work, they continued on their journey, reported KhaoSod.

Ronnagrit added that after arriving at the factory, he promptly sought medical aid after noticing the severity of his injuries. Luckily, the fishing line didn’t significantly damage his eyes, and the wound was attended to.

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He urged those who enjoy fishing by the roadside to consider the potential harm that could occur to passersby. This, he said, is especially due to fishing lines and hooks that could cause severe injury, particularly to the eyes.

He questioned if the negligent fishers would take responsibility for causing such harm. Consequently, he advised heightened awareness, especially when fishing in public areas with passing vehicles.

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