Chon Buri road accident leaves two critically injured

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A harrowing collision between a motorcycle and a pickup truck earlier today in Chon Buri resulted in two critically injured individuals, one of whom is in severe condition. The accident, captured by CCTV footage, occurred when the pickup truck driver suddenly opened the door, causing the oncoming motorcyclist, unable to stop in time, to crash into it with full force.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Shinawatra Thisalana, an investigator from the Chon Buri City Police Station, was notified of the accident involving the motorcycle and the pickup truck, with two individuals seriously injured on Sretthakit Road, in the Ban Suan area of Chon Buri.

Emergency services from the Traikunatham Foundation quickly rushed to the scene.

Upon arrival, they found Jakkrakrit, an employee of the Ban Suan Town Municipal Office, critically injured. First responders immediately administered CPR in a desperate attempt to save his life before providing initial first aid.

The motorcycle rider, 39 year old Sukanya was also injured and both victims were swiftly transported to Chon Buri Hospital for urgent care.

The white Toyota Revo pickup truck was discovered at the scene with its driver-side door severely damaged. Nearby, a black Honda Scoopy motorcycle was found lying on its side, the front end wrecked from the impact.

Sukanya recounted that she was following the pickup truck when it suddenly stopped and the driver opened the door to alight from the vehicle, leaving her no time to brake and resulting in the collision.

The police have planned to interrogate both drivers thoroughly to ascertain the details of the incident and proceed with legal action accordingly, reported Khaosod.

The unexpected opening of a vehicle door on a busy street is always a perilous hazard for motorcyclists and cyclists alike.

Local authorities are now investigating to determine accountability and to reinforce the message that road safety and awareness is a shared responsibility, negligence could lead to fatal consequences.

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