Car wash owner’s grim task: Tackling a ‘grave’ cleaning challenge

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A car wash owner faced an extraordinary challenge when tasked with cleaning a vehicle that housed a decomposing body for over two weeks. The vehicle was brought to the shop filled with blood and bodily fluids, producing a pervasive odour.

A car wash owner, Teerasak revealed to the media that a customer visited the establishment for a deep cleaning of a vehicle, informing a manager that the car had been subject to a decomposing body for the past two weeks.

Initially, the staff wanted to inspect the vehicle before committing to the job, but once the car arrived on a tow truck, they felt compelled to proceed due to the customer’s prior expenses.

Teerasak described the initial condition of the car as overwhelmingly foul-smelling, with bloodstains and bodily fluids saturating the carpets and driver’s seat. The situation was so severe that some employees were initially fearful of the car and refused to remain past nightfall at the shop after work.

However, they resolved to do their best, starting with a thorough cleaning of the vehicle’s interior, including the seats, metal parts, and door seals, which were particularly affected by the odour.

The original driver’s seat, soaked with bodily fluids, had to be replaced. Unfortunately, finding a second-hand replacement proved impossible as the car was a newer model. This extended the cleaning process to over a month as the team endeavoured to save the customer as much money as possible.

Despite their efforts, a faint smell still lingered inside the car due to the inability to replace the dashboard and air conditioning system because of insurance limitations.

Teerasak reached out to fellow car wash professionals for advice while conducting his own research and utilised ozone treatments and daily sun exposure for the car, aiming to return the vehicle in the best possible condition.

After posting the ordeal on Facebook, Teerasak shared that numerous people had contacted him, expressing a desire to buy the car as many believed it would bring upon good luck and fortune.

Teersak admitted that this might be the last of this nature that he and his team take on, citing the intense effort required, in combination with the psychological toll inflicted upon the staff, reported KhaoSod.

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