Car bursts into flames in Ratchaburi, no injuries reported

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A woman driving to her mother’s home in Ratchaburi parked her car by the roadside, only to see it engulfed in flames moments later. Witnesses described seeing smoke before the fire erupted, leading to a dramatic scene that required emergency intervention.

Authorities received a report at around 6.30pm yesterday of a car fire just past the entrance of Wat Chok, heading towards Klong Khoi in Ratchaburi’s Photharam district. Investigating officers, including Police Lieutenant Yuthana Phugaokaew from Photharam Police Station, along with fire trucks from Photharam Municipality and Sawang Ratchaburi Rescue workers, promptly responded to the scene.

Upon arrival, responders found a black Nissan March, licence plate YY-4112 Bangkok, engulfed in flames. Firefighters took approximately 25 minutes to extinguish the blaze. The vehicle was completely destroyed by the time the fire was brought under control.

The owner of the car, 34 year old Supawan recounted the harrowing incident. She had driven the car to visit her mother and parked it by the roadside near her mother’s house. Suddenly, she noticed smoke emanating from the vehicle. Acting quickly, she opened the car doors and the bonnet, then stepped away and called for help.

“I was moving my belongings from the car to the house when the fire started. Everything seemed normal while I was driving. I have no idea what caused it.”

Dashcam footage from a resident nearby captured the incident moments before the fire erupted. The footage showed the car with its doors and bonnet open, though the owner was not visible, leading some to assume the vehicle had broken down.

Preliminary investigations suggest that the fire may have been caused by an electrical short circuit at the battery terminal, which likely sparked the blaze. This assumption aligns with the nature of the fire’s rapid spread and the observed smoke before the flames took hold.

Further investigation will aim to pinpoint the exact cause of the electrical short circuit and whether any specific factors contributed to the incident, reported KhaoSod.

Authorities will also review the dashcam footage for additional clues and to verify the sequence of events leading up to the fire.

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