Buriram abbot moved to monastery after loudspeaker incident

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A temple abbot in Buriram was taken to a nearby monastery to calm down after a loudspeaker incident at 4am caused a stir among locals.

Stress during funeral preparations for his father was cited as the reason, with no drugs involved.

A recent incident involving 47 year old Phra Khru Sutthithamparahat, the abbot of Mueang Fai Temple in Nang Rong District, Buriram Province, has drawn significant attention. At around 4am, the abbot activated the temple’s loudspeaker system and began shouting incoherently, prompting concerns among residents who speculated that he might be under the influence of some substance.

The event quickly became a topic of heated discussion online, leading the Buriram Provincial Police Commander to order an investigation. Local police from Nang Rong Police Station arrived at the scene and requested to conduct a urine test. However, the test was ultimately not carried out due to objections from fellow monks and some villagers, who deemed it inappropriate.

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The latest update on the situation reveals that Phra Maha Phairot Rojana, a monk from Thai Chan Samakkhi Temple and a close friend of Phra Khru Sutthithamparahat, escorted him to stay at Thai Chan Samakkhi Temple. This move was aimed at helping him regain his composure and alleviate his stress.

Prasarn Khunnamwong, the headman of Moo 9, Ban Prasat in Mueang Fai Subdistrict, shed light on the incident. He expressed his belief that the abbot’s unusual behaviour stemmed from the immense stress of organising the royal cremation ceremony for his late father, who had passed away just two days before the outburst occurred, reported KhaoSod.

“The abbot usually exhibits no such behaviour and is known for his dedication to his duties. This time, the stress of having limited time to organise the funeral for his father, coupled with a lack of assistance, might have overwhelmed him. Additionally, the abbot has a naturally loud voice and is about to travel to the southern region. He likely used the loudspeaker to call fellow monks for a meeting, resulting in the commotion witnessed.”

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