Neighbour arrested for molestation of mentally impaired woman

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A 65 year old man was arrested for the molestation of a mentally impaired woman, he denied any wrongdoing, claiming he didn’t know about her condition despite living nearby. However, the suspect admitted to inappropriate contact.

The police have been on high alert following directives from Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Thiti Saengsawang, to investigate cases causing public distress. This led to a particular focus on a case involving a mentally impaired woman allegedly molested by her neighbour.

Police Lieutenant Teeradej Thammasuthee ordered the arrest of 65 year old Suchin following an arrest warrant issued by the Phra Khanong Criminal Court, charging him with rape and molestation of a person unable to resist due to mental impairment.

The arrest took place in front of Suchin’s house in Phra Khanong yesterday at 5.30pm. The incident dates back to February 23, when the victim, a mentally impaired woman, was at a local shop.

Her sister found her returning with a soda and questioned her about its source. The victim revealed that Suchin, a neighbour, had bought it for her. Further questioning uncovered that Suchin had inappropriately touched her and given her money for the soda. This led to a police complaint and subsequent investigation.

During interrogation, Suchin admitted to knowing the victim for a long time due to their proximity but claimed ignorance of her mental condition. He confessed to touching her chest on the day in question but denied any further molestation.

The police, however, were unconvinced due to contradictory evidence. Suchin was then taken to Phra Khanong Police Station for further legal proceedings, reported KhaoSod.

Teeradej Thammasuthee commented on the case, highlighting the vulnerability of the victim, both physically and mentally, making the incident particularly unacceptable and dangerous for society. He pointed out the misconception that sexual assaults only occur in isolated or dark places.

In reality, many victims are assaulted by familiar individuals who exploit their trust. He urged parents and guardians to closely monitor their children to prevent such incidents within their families.

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