British yoga teacher stranded in Bangkok airport over passport tear

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A British yoga teacher was stranded at Suvarnabhumi Airport after being barred from boarding her flight home due to a slight tear in her passport.

The British woman, 27 year old Rosie Viscomi, had planned to fly back to London from Bangkok last Thursday, July 4. However, she was prevented from boarding her £370 (approximately 17,000 baht) multi-stop flight, which included stops in India and Turkey, after airline officials objected to a 1-centimetre rip on the photo page of her passport. This unfortunate turn of events left Rosie crying at Suvarnabhumi Airport as IndiGo Airlines staff refused her passage.

The dance and yoga teacher from Norfolk had been on the Thai island of Koh Pha Ngan since April, after completing her yoga qualification in India. During her stay, she engaged in voluntary work and deepened her yoga knowledge before deciding to return home. Despite having reportedly extended her visa just days prior, Viscomi was informed at the airport that her visa had expired, rendering her stay illegal.

Frantic and fearing arrest, the British traveller spent the last few days liaising with Thai immigration and the British Embassy to arrange her safe return, which has already cost her hundreds of pounds.

“When I went for my flight on Thursday, they said ‘You’re not going anywhere with that,’ referring to a small rip in my passport.

“They told me India won’t let me in and I need to book a direct flight from Bangkok to London. I missed my £370 flight and had to apply for emergency documents. I don’t have any money left.”

Viscomi, who had previously travelled to America and Jamaica without issues, was shocked by the sudden enforcement.

“I didn’t know if they were going to arrest me because I didn’t have the correct stamp. I was at immigration just crying, and everyone kept saying there was nothing they could do. I thought I had all the right visa documents. I just want to go home.”

The yoga teacher’s family has stepped in to help with the financial burden. Viscomi’s sister has set up a fundraising page, which has raised £280 of the £1,000 target so far. Meanwhile, Viscomi has managed to secure a new flight and emergency travel documents, hoping to return to England on July 9. IndiGo Airlines has been contacted for comment, reported The Mirror UK.

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