British teacher suits up for legal battle after tailor-made trouble

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A British teacher residing in Phuket has taken legal action after an altercation with a well-known local tailor turned violent, sparking concerns over the handling of such incidents by local police.

Miss Inder, a teacher at an international school in Phuket, shared her harrowing ordeal. She detailed how a disagreement over tailoring prices escalated into a physical assault.

According to Miss Inder, the incident began when she visited a local tailoring shop to discuss a dress alteration. The negotiation became heated, and the shop owner, infuriated by her persistence, allegedly slapped her, causing her to fall. Her children witnessed the entire incident, leaving them traumatised.

The British woman immediately reported the assault to the Cheng Talay Police Station. However, she was dismayed when the police initially suggested a settlement with the tailor, which she firmly rejected. She expressed her frustration and demanded that the matter be pursued through the full legal process to ensure justice was served.

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Police Lieutenant Kittipong Noo Peng, the investigating officer at Cheng Talay Police Station, confirmed the complaint yesterday, July 2, and provided details of the altercation.

“The disagreement over the tailoring price led to an unfortunate escalation.”

He noted that the incident had deeply affected the British woman, particularly because it occurred in front of her children.

The accused tailor, currently identified only as a man, has remained silent. He informed the police through intermediaries that he would present himself for questioning tomorrow, July 4, as he is currently out of the province. The police have assured that the matter will be handled according to legal procedures, reported ASEAN NOW.

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