Pol-ishing Thais: Thailand, Poland to boost medical technology ties

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Thailand and Poland, despite their close trade ties, are urged to enhance their business cooperation, particularly in the medical technology sector, according to Polish Ambassador Artur Dmochowski.

During a seminar in Bangkok yesterday, July 9, Dmochowski highlighted Poland‘s desire to strengthen economic, commercial, and technological exchanges with Thailand. The event aimed to showcase advancements in Polish medical technology. The Polish ambassador praised Thailand’s healthcare system, noting its global reputation as a premier medical tourism destination.

Dmochowski pointed out that Poland’s medical industry is rapidly growing, with a highly skilled workforce and low labour costs. Combining Thailand’s strategic location in Southeast Asia with Poland’s in central Europe presents a significant opportunity for both nations.

“Both sides can use this opportunity to strengthen our good connections and add something to our bilateral economic cooperations.”

Vice Chairman of the Federation of Thai Industries, Wiwat Hemmondharop echoed these sentiments. He mentioned that the federation prioritises the medical sector, particularly healthcare clusters, among its 46 main industries.

Wiwat acknowledged Poland and Europe’s advanced medical technology and praised Thailand’s top-tier hospitals and efficient medical personnel. He suggested that collaboration between the two nations could solidify Thailand as a hub for medical technology in the ASEAN region.

Wiwat also addressed the shifting dynamics in the automobile industry due to the rising demand for electric vehicles (EVs). He warned that nearly one million workers in internal combustion car manufacturing are at risk of unemployment. In response, the federation is advocating for a shift towards medical technology and equipment manufacturing, reported Bangkok Post.

Wiwat made references to Polish investors within the medical sector, welcoming them to increase their presence in Thailand’s shift away from internal car manufacturing to medical equipment manufacturing.

“Polish investors, especially in the high-technology medical sector, are welcome in Thailand. We can exchange knowledge and expertise, as well as have long-term cooperation.”

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