British man nabbed with illegal Diazepam in Phuket

Photo courtesy of Phuket Express

A British man was apprehended by authorities in Karon after being caught red-handed with Diazepam yesterday.

According to reports from the Karon Police, a routine checkpoint near Nong Harn Lake led to the discovery. Suspicions were raised when a taxi, carrying a foreign passenger identified only as Thomas, a 27 year old British man, attracted attention. While the authorities did not disclose specifics regarding Thomas’s suspicious behaviour, it’s noted that random drug screenings are within legal bounds in Thailand.

Upon searching him, officers discovered a solitary Diazepam pill in his possession. Thomas was promptly escorted to the Karon Police Station to face charges of unlawful possession of a Category 4 drug, reported Phuket Express.

Diazepam is commonly prescribed for anxiety and alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

In related news, an unnamed Thai police officer revealed that his superiors attempted to suppress a story about the arrest of a British backpacker for selling Category 1 drugs on a notorious island in Thailand.

The Brit was arrested on Thursday, February 29, for allegedly selling ecstasy and LSD to other foreign tourists at the Ecco Bar on Koh Tao island in the southern province of Surat Thani. The Thai officer, who wished to remain anonymous, informed a reporter that the police had been monitoring the drug dealer for several months before they swooped to nab him.

In other news, a Norwegian woman and a British man have been apprehended in Thailand for alleged illegal employment. The arrests occurred in Koh Pha Ngan and Phuket respectively, as part of a police operation targeting foreign nationals working unlawfully in the country.

The Norwegian woman was apprehended as she waved goodbye to two departing tourists from her Toyota sedan, prominently marked with the name Pha Ngan Paragon Resort & Spa. The British man stands accused of working as a guide, a profession in Thailand that is reserved exclusively for Thai citizens.

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