Buriram issues health alert over anthrax after Laos cases

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The province of Buriram in Thailand issued a health warning over the threat of anthrax, a severe bacterial disease, following the identification of three cases in neighbouring Laos. The disease, which can spread from animals to humans, particularly through the consumption of raw bovine and buffalo meat, prompted heightened surveillance and precautionary measures.

Today, the provincial livestock office, led by veterinarian Apichat Suwanchairob, emphasized the need for vigilance against anthrax, which has not been reported in Thailand for an extended period. The bacteria Bacillus anthracis causes severe symptoms in infected animals, and farmers are advised to seek veterinary assistance if they notice unusual lesions or behaviours in their livestock.

The disease manifests with a high fever in animals and can result in death, accompanied by blood discharge from various orifices that do not clot. In light of this, the authorities have stressed the importance of not slaughtering animals without professional supervision, as improper handling of infected carcasses can lead to the spread of the disease.

Moreover, in response to the cases found in Laos on March 7, the Department of Livestock Development has stepped up its border controls to prevent the illegal import of live cattle, buffalo, goats, and sheep, as well as other animal products. Farmers are encouraged to administer vaccines to their herds and to notify authorities of any suspected animal deaths, reported KhaoSod.

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In Buriram, despite the absence of recent anthrax cases, the tradition of consuming raw and partially cooked meat dishes like larb remains popular. The news of the outbreak has raised concerns among the local community and has led to a more cautious approach to sourcing meat. Residents now prefer to buy from certified butchers to minimise the risk of infection.

In related news, Kenika Ounjit, a deputy government spokesperson, yesterday revealed a public health warning from the Department of Livestock Development. The warning urged the public to refrain from consuming raw meat.

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