British man critically injured after impaling himself on iron fence in Pattaya

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A 65 year old British man critically injured himself after he was impaled on a sharp iron fence at his residence in the Bang La Bang district of Chon Buri. The incident occurred in the wee hours of today at Choke Chai Garden Home 2 in Tambon Nong Pru.

Emergency services arrived at the scene and discovered Michael Girling pierced through his abdomen on the fence, with one of the arrowheads deeply lodged in his belly. The medical first responders managed to extricate the man from the railing, administered immediate first aid and rushed him to the hospital. The wound was estimated to be around five to 6 inches deep.

Reports suggest Girling, under the influence of alcohol, had trouble opening the door to his house. Consequently, he decided to scale the iron fence but unfortunately slipped and impaled himself on the pointed top, reported Bangkok Post.

A 50 year old neighbour, referred to as Pad, heard moaning sounds and, upon investigating, found Girling lodged on the fence. She hurriedly fetched a ladder to aid him and immediately alerted the paramedics. Pad disclosed that Girling had been a resident of the house for the past few months.

In related news, a chilling incident shook a quiet townhouse complex on Soi Chaiyapornwithi 14, East Pattaya, as a young boy faced a harrowing ordeal when his foot became impaled by a metal rake.

Rushing to the scene near the forest’s edge, rescuers found the 10 year old boy, Heng, in agony, his right foot pierced through by the sharp implement. The rescue team carefully extricated Heng from the dire situation.

Surrounded by concerned relatives, Heng endured excruciating pain as the rescuers worked to free him from the rake. With precision, they severed the offending piece, providing Heng with crucial medical aid before transporting him to the hospital for urgent treatment

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