Phuket police raid underground gambling den, 32 arrested

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A clandestine gambling establishment in Talat Yai, Phuket, was stormed by the police in the wee hours of yesterday, resulting in the apprehension of 32 individuals. The raid, orchestrated by Police Colonel Prathueng Phonmana, superintendent of Mueang Police Station, unfolded just after 12.30am at a three-storey building on Chanacharoen Road.

The police encountered an open-door venue, leading them to two distinct hubs of illicit gambling. The scene showcased several people engrossed in unauthorised betting around two tables.

The police carried out a successful operation, apprehending both male and female gamblers, and seizing a host of items. These included two round tables, which were being used for betting, signs stipulating the rules of the games, 14 decks of cards that were already in play, and five untouched decks. A significant amount of cash was also confiscated during the operation.

The raid didn’t stop on the second floor. The police extended their investigation to the third floor of the building, where they unearthed additional proof of illegal betting activities. The scene was littered with tables, cards, and cash, indicating an ongoing gambling operation.

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The individuals attending the tables, along with the gamblers, were rounded up and included in the total tally of 32 arrests. The police, however, did not disclose any additional details about the charges at the time of the press release. There was also no information provided regarding the nationalities of the detainees, reported The Phuket News.

It was, nonetheless, confirmed that one individual, suspected of being the orchestrator of the event, was to face charges for organised gambling without permission. The crackdown on the illicit gambling operation in Phuket falls in line with the recent orders of Acting National Police Commissioner Police General Kitrat Panphet, who has mandated a nationwide clampdown on such unauthorised activities.

In related news, a gambling den in Nakhon Si Thammarat’s Muang district was raided, resulting in the arrest of nearly 130 people and the seizure of assets worth approximately 1 million baht.

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