Brazen thieves swipe electrical wire in daring daylight raid

Photo courtesy of Pattaya News

Two audacious thieves brazenly snatched electrical wire from a residence in Bo Win, Chon Buri, sparking concern among locals.

The victim, Prasong Tankratok, a hardworking contractor who often spends long hours away from home, found himself at the mercy of the thieves’ calculated strike. Upon returning from work on Monday, Prasong was met with the disturbing scene of his ransacked property.

Surveillance footage captured the culprits, riding a distinctive blue Honda Wave 110 motorcycle, prowling around Prasong’s house at approximately 5.07pm. Their crafty manoeuvres, including multiple changes of clothing to evade detection, hinted at a meticulously planned operation.

Describing the ordeal, Prasong lamented the thieves’ familiarity with the area, noting their strategic circling of the vicinity before pouncing on their loot. Meanwhile, his vigilant sister, Aree Pholnikorn, who was busy in the kitchen at the time, noticed the suspicious activity and attempted to rally assistance from neighbours. Alas, the thieves swiftly made off with their plunder before help could arrive.

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Undeterred, Prasong promptly reported the incident to authorities at the Bo Win Police Station, providing crucial CCTV footage to aid the investigation, reported Pattaya News.

In related news, a Thai police officer dismissed a complaint from a Norwegian man and his Thai girlfriend who lost 30,000 baht in cash and a mobile phone to four pickpockets outside a shopping mall in Bangkok. The Thai cop allegedly told the foreigner it was his fault, a result of bad karma in their past lives.

The Thai woman and her Norwegian boyfriend sought assistance from the non-profit organisation Saimai Survive after officers from Lumpini Police Station and the Immigration Bureau did not take their case seriously.

In other news, a mischievous monkey in the central province of Lopburi stole food from a motorcyclist, causing an accident that left the rider injured. Locals in the area are calling for a concrete solution to the growing monkey population before a fatal attack occurs.

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