BMW driver with mental health issues crashes car on Maha Chetsadabodin Sorn Bridge

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A man driving a BMW recklessly chased and crashed into a car on the Maha Chetsadabodin Sorn Bridge, causing damage and panic to the couple inside the vehicle. The family of the aggressor claimed he suffered from mental health issues, while the victims reported the incident to the police for further investigation.

A high-speed chase took place yesterday, November 2, at around 4.40am, involving two cars on the Maha Chetsadabodin Sorn Bridge in Nonthaburi province. The victims, 32 year old Waraphop and his 23 year old girlfriend Ploy reported the incident to the police and sought medical treatment at Kasemrad International Hospital.

Waraphop recounted that he was driving his Honda Civic with Ploy when a BMW car chased and overtook them. The BMW driver, an unidentified man around 35 years old, stopped his car in front of the couple’s vehicle and hit the front of Waraphop’s car, causing damage. Waraphop then tried to escape but the BMW driver kept chasing them.

Waraphop expressed his disbelief over the incident, stating that he and his girlfriend had no prior issues with the aggressor. He urged families with mentally ill members to take better care of them and not let them cause trouble to others.

Ploy also shared her fear and shock over the incident which left her with injuries to her knee and leg. She too called for better control and care of mentally ill individuals to prevent such incidents, reported KhaoSod.

The police identified the aggressor as 36 year old Wara Meth and visited his residence in Bangkok. Wara Meth admitted to the incident and his family stated that he was under treatment for mental health issues. The police are investigating the matter further, and additional charges may be filed after receiving medical reports.

In related news, a fatal accident occurred on Borommaratchachonnani Road in the early hours of yesterday when a 36 year old postgraduate student from Chulalongkorn University named Nattapha (surname withheld), lost control of her Toyota Camry, colliding with a barrier before hitting a flyover column.

The vehicle was found heavily damaged on the express lane approximately 100 metres from the impact site. Read more about this story HERE.

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