Thai man gets ants in his pants in penis enlargement attempt (video)

Photo via Kapook

A Thai man with ants in his pants managed to make a prick of himself while resorting to a penis enlargement home remedy experiment. Two videos went viral on Thai social media of the man penetrating an ants’ nest with his organ in a bid to make his penis bigger.

The videos show the Thai man withdrawing his penis from the ants’ nest with dozens of insects feasting on the intruding member. The Thai man is then seen struggling to brush the ants off his penis as he rinses it with water.

Both videos are muted and the man’s face is not visible but his ant-bitten penis can be seen exhibiting severe swelling as a result.

Screenshots of the chatbox in the posts reveal a northern Thai dialect.

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Thai netizens commented that the man intentionally exposed himself to ant bites in an attempt to enlarge his penis. Others speculated that ant stings may provide some homoeopathic relief or a cure for erectile dysfunction.

Sanook spoke to Doctor Sorranai Onwan, from a beauty clinic in the northern province of Chaing Mai, about the videos.

Sorranai revealed that it was true that, when stimulated, the brain can trigger the release of substances that cause the arteries in the genitals to expand, potentially leading to an enlargement effect. However, employing ant bites as a means of stimulation was wrong and ineffective.

Sorranai explained that the causes of erectile dysfunction are varied, necessitating a proper diagnosis to determine the underlying issues and suitable treatments. Erectile dysfunction causes are wide and varied and come from a range of problems such as abnormalities of the blood vessels, nervous system, hormones, or even the mind.

Sorranai continued explaining that erectile dysfunction treatment is also varied from medication, the use of vacuum devices, shock wave therapy, or surgical interventions. Seeking professional medical advice is the safest course of action.

Sorranai cautioned that ant bites can be life-threatening for individuals with allergies. In addition, the bites may lead to dermatitis or further infections

This is not the first time that a man has attempted to increase the size of his genitals by using unusual methods. Three weeks ago, a Burmese man living in northern Thailand placed a steel ring around the base of his penis with the aim to enlarge it. His action resulted in a discoloured and swollen penis which later developed into an infected wound filled with pus.

The moral of this story? Don’t make a prick of yourself.


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