Thai man seeks skilled doctor to treat penis infection after enlargement procedure

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In fear of losing his penis, a Thai man turned to a social media influencer for help in finding a skilled doctor to treat an infection in his penis, following an olive oil injection for penis enlargement.

Thai social media influencer, Guntouch “Gun” Pongpaiboonwet, accompanied the 29 year old man, who goes by the name A, to Masterpiece Hospital in Bangkok to consult the doctor about A’s symptoms. A revealed that he had a penis enlargement at the age of 20 but the infection had only recently surfaced.

A revealed that 20 friends had received penis enlargement, a procedure by one of the friends. His friend injected some olive oil into the penis. A revealed that there had been no immediate side effects after the enlargement procedure and only noticed a problem last year.

A revealed that his penis was swollen and felt the unusually hard masses under the skin of his organ. The tip of his penis also changed colour while pimples filled with pus later emerged.

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A rushed to the hospital in the central province of Nakhon Pathom for a test. The doctor gave him some antiseptic cream to treat his member and allowed him to go home, advising him to return every time he felt pain in his penis.

One day the doctor asked him and his wife if they could cut off the man’s penis. A said he was shocked and decided to ask Gun for help, even though he was embarrassed. A said he was sure his other friends were suffering the same thing but were too embarrassed to come forward and seek medication.

A added that he believed that the effects of the enlargement would be passed on to his children. He has two children and both were not as healthy as they should be and were often ill. His youngest child also suffered from cholecystitis (a redness and swelling of the gallbladder).

A doctor and director of the Strategic Management Department at Masterpiece Hospital, Pichate Rungsirisaengrat, said penis enlargement had been a trend for a long time with diverse approaches. Some injected olive oil, while others injected silicone and beeswax.

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Pichate explained that the symptoms or side effects would appear five to 10 years after the operation. The causes of the symptoms could be the substances injected into the penis or the dirty tools.

The doctor underscored that the health and illnesses of A’s children were unrelated to the effects of the penis enlargement. However, he did acknowledge a potential risk of the infection being transmitted to A’s wife and newborns during childbirth via his genitalia.

Pichate insisted that A’s penis could be treated without having to cut it off. He and his team would provide A with the disinfectant and perform surgery to remove the olive oil.

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