Bangkok bus passengers rally to save man’s life during seizure

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A swift response from bus passengers and a motorcycle rider’s assistance resulted in an emergency detour to the hospital for a middle-aged man who suffered a seizure and lost consciousness on a Bangkok bus. The incident, which unfolded at noon today, April 11, was captured on video and subsequently shared online, drawing widespread praise for the collaborative rescue effort.

The ordeal began around 1pm the previous day when a 50 year old man, sitting at the back of the bus, started showing signs of distress. An observant passenger noticed the man appeared uncomfortably hot and moved closer to assist him. However, the situation quickly escalated as the man began to convulse and was unable to call for help, said the unnamed passenger.

“The bus conductor noticed something was wrong and alerted others.”

Fellow travellers sprang into action, massaging the man and offering him smelling salts. As his condition worsened, good Samaritans on the bus commenced chest compressions in a bid to stabilize him.

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Amidst the unfolding drama at Prapadaeng Junction, the bus driver prudently opened the doors to let passengers off and to improve ventilation. Shouts from the bus caught the attention of a motorcycle rider below. In a remarkable show of solidarity, the rider led the way, clearing a path through traffic so the bus could rush the stricken man to Bangpakok Hospital.

Upon reaching the hospital, the patient was quickly transferred to the emergency room, where medical staff took over his care, the passenger recounted.

“It was shocking to witness, but everyone on the scene did an excellent job administering first aid.”

The video, shared by the handle @double__aa, not only highlighted the prompt actions of the bus driver and the motorcycle rider but also underscored the importance of community spirit in times of crisis.

The episode serves as a poignant reminder that health emergencies can strike at any time, especially in the heat, which can exacerbate existing medical conditions. It also underlines the vital importance of having a companion when travelling, particularly for the elderly and those with chronic illnesses.

The collective effort and quick thinking of all involved in this incident were instrumental in ensuring the man received the medical attention he needed without delay.

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