Broken taxi meter mended: Thai good samaritan’s TikKok gesture goes viral

Photo via TikTok @worldmj

A kindhearted Thai woman shared a video on TikTok of the moment she helped a struggling taxi driver. She paid the driver an extra 2,350 baht to replace his broken meter.

The video was posted on the TikTok account, @worldmj on Tuesday, September 12. The video caption read…

“Travelling for several kilometres, but the meter does not count it. What Should I do?”

In the video, the woman asked the taxi driver why the meter stopped at 49 baht when she had already reached her destination. The driver explained that the meter was broken. He could not afford to buy a new one, but he could not stop working either, even if it meant earning less.

The woman then asked the driver how much the new meter would cost. The driver replied that it would cost him 2,350 baht.

The woman then offered to pay for it, which shocked the driver. He repeatedly sought confirmation that this generous act was indeed genuine. The woman then gave him 80 baht for the service fare together with an extra tip of 2,350 baht for the new meter.

The woman also asked the driver’s contact to verify that her funds were indeed used for the meter’s replacement. She later updated in the next videos that the driver had already changed the meter and it worked fine.

The video received over 300 likes and 4,000 comments from Thai TikTokers. Most viewers showered the woman with praise for her kindness, while others assumed she was doing a good deed because she was drunk, judging from her voice.

“Were you shocked to see where the money went after you sobered up?”

“You are so kind even when you are drunk!”

“Such a good person! But… your voice! haha”.

“I hope you have good things in your life!”


“I feel sorry for the taxi driver when he said he had to keep going even if the meter was broken.”

“The video made my day!”

The woman later admitted that she had drunk some alcohol at the time but insisted that she would have assisted the taxi driver regardless of her state. She added that she remembered the whole situation that night and never regretted giving the driver the money.

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